How to Get People to Love Your Brand


Okay, so you built a brand and you’ve managed to get a fair amount of followers. But how do you actually get people to love your brand?

From a social media perspective, it’s not enough to have a huge following. What’s important is keeping engaged followers who love your brand and who have become evangelical fans of your brand.

How do you do that? Well, you must first answer this simple question.

What is your brand’s mission, your brand’s purpose for existing?

Your potential customer is looking for that impeccable user experience one that addresses a particular pain point they’re struggling with and makes them feel great about themselves.

How does your brand help solve your potential customers’ problems? 

Understanding this critical factor will allow you to establish a deeper connection with your audience so you can better respond to their needs. 

This is what I did with my first brand, Beast Gear.

Beast Gear is a brand of fitness equipment I founded in 2016 and later sold to Thrasio in 2019. I made the successful exit the holy grail of business as they call it.

What I saw back then was, the problem with the fitness industry is it makes us feel bad about ourselves. Everywhere, you’ll see unattainable body images featured on different social media platforms and other marketing materials.

The problem is that these idealised and unrealistic body types are almost impossible to achieve and can make people fixate negatively on their appearances.

Further, as I looked through all my training gears, I realised I could do a much better job, quality-wise.

So I did things differently. I made myself the face of my brand. You see, I’m not an elite athlete, just an average joe like my customers who deserve the highest-quality training gear in order to BEAST their goals.

I got massive results.

I made every person welcome in our tribe. Whether that unfit person is trying to run a 5k or is a world champion boxer, it doesn’t matter. We’re all beasts.

With this approach, we’ve made a cult-like following of beasts in our tribe of beasts and my brand grew to a 7-figure international e-commerce business selling across three continents.


Understanding your target customers' core challenges and desires is a fundamental step in deciding on your brand’s mission.

Your brand’s mission must be to provide the simplest, achievable solution for your target customers. It should make them love themselves, their lives and create an overall positive experience.

Combined with an effective marketing strategy and superb customer service – this is how you get your customer’s loyalty and trust.

This shows your potential customers that you’ve been putting efforts in order to establish a strong relationship with them. And it makes your brand even more valuable and attractive.

In everything you do that’s related to your business, you want to make sure you treat your customers like royalty.