Why You Have To Use Email Automations

A few years ago when chatbots came along some so-called marketing guru said that email is dead.

Well, they are wrong.

Email is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels for any business. 

But what is email automation?

Automated email or action triggered email is a series of emails sent to your prospects or customers as a response to their actions (made or not made). These are targeted emails sent at designated time intervals with an aim to build a personalised relationship with your prospects and active leads.

It’s customer-centered which is extremely effective because they speak to both customers’ interests and pain points. They are opened, clicked and actioned more frequently. As a result, they drive more site visits, increased revenue and customer retention. 

They are preferable rather than just blindly sending out “one size fits all” type of email.

But how? 

Unlike newsletters and one-off campaigns that you can send to a whole list of audiences in one go, email automation is sent when a certain lead activates a trigger.

I'm talking about easy “set and forget” automations that are sent to your customers and potential customers without you lifting a finger.

I used email to consistently drive over 30% of my website revenue for my former brand, Beast Gear and even kept the repeat customer rate at over 12%!

It still continues to be the number one driver for e-commerce sales. It drives anywhere up to 33% of average e-commerce site revenue. 

You can create dozens of automations such as welcome flows, cart abandonment flows, birthday flows, win-back flows, cross-sell, loyalty, VIP customer flows and many more! It’s too easy not to do it!

If you’re not using email automated campaigns then you are leaving low hanging fruit on the e-commerce tree.

Why should you use email automations?

  1. They help nurture leads into customers.
  2. They drive conversion, without taking too much time. Talk about selling while you’re sleeping!
  3. They allow businesses to send targeted emails based on a specific customer’s behavior.
  4. They’re best for segmenting lists in order to send more relevant content, add value and drive engagement.
  5. They provide opportunities for businesses to understand their customers more. Thus, increased customer retention!

Email automation is an immensely useful tool for any business and I recommend that you start implementing it now (if you haven’t). 

Create, test, analyse, modify, whatever you need to make it work for you! That’s the beauty of it, you CAN make it work for you and your customers.

If you need done-for-you scroll stopping email campaigns, you can head over to my website, www.benleonard.pro/email

I’ll personally tailor and create them for you!

Tell me, what’s the biggest challenge that hinders you from using email automations right now?