Why Your Marketing Messages Should Be Short


I recently read a great book called The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. It talks about using a simple, powerful concept of focusing our energy on one thing at a time.

The same applies to your e-commerce business.

When working on your marketing strategy, help out your target audience. Don’t clutter your message with too much information more than they can swallow. Stop pitching too many points and focus on one topic.

Your marketing message strategy should only consist of the following:


What is it that you want to convey?

What is the end result, the end goal that you want to achieve?

Target Audience

Who is your ideal client avatar?

Who needs to hear your message?


How can you make it clear and consistent so you can cut through the noise and get heard?


What are your customers' core desires?

What are their pain points?

How can your product help them get ahead?

Call To Action

What are the next steps they need to take?

Should they send you a message, reply to your email, click a certain link?

Remember to use plain and simple words to avoid confusing your audience. Less clutter, more clarity.

Let me give you an example.

With my previous brand, Beast Gear, our message is direct and straightforward.

Beast your goals.

We want every customer of all fitness levels to be able to beast their goals. Whether you are a complete beginner or an elite athlete, it doesn't matter. You are welcome in our tribe.

We incorporated this message in every social media post, email marketing, and product packaging.

We kept our message crisp, to the point, which made us stand out amongst our competitors.


Use this approach across all your marketing platforms. Keep it simple, relatable, and use terms that are appropriate to the industry that you serve. Pay attention to your tone, language, and style.

Keep your marketing messages short and sweet.