<b>Amazon Customer Messaging Templates Bundle</b>

Amazon Customer Messaging Templates Bundle

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These are the exact follow-up email templates I send to Amazon customers, in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Included in this bundle:

  • Dissatisfied Customer Response Templates
  • Happy Customer Email Response (Review Request) Templates
  • Conversion of Positive Seller Feedback to Product Review Templates
  • Conversion of Positive Product Reviews to Seller Feedback Templates
  • Conversion of Negative Product Reviews to Satisfied Customers (and changed reviews!) Templates
  • Customer Delivery Missing / Late - Response Templates
  • Free bonus: Customer Invoice Request - Response Templates

For my 7-figure international sports brand, these email templates made a significant contribution to our success on Amazon, which ultimately lead to me making a 7-figure exit. These templates achieved an open rate of >30% at their peak, with consistent rates above 20%, even after Amazon made it easier for customers to opt-out.

The idea behind these emails is two-fold:

1. Engage customers so that they reply, this will allow you have a natural and organic
conversation and then fix problems, avoid bad reviews and gain positive reviews and seller feedback

2. When customers reply to messages, it provides Amazon and Email Service Providers with a strong signal that your messages are valuable and not spam, meaning more of your messages will be delivered in future.

When used to their max potential the ROI on effective follow-up emails is massive. Rather than waste time and effort trying (and failing) to make effective follow-up emails - just use mine. I refined these over several years to create incredible copy that results in opened emails, organic conversations with customers, amazing service and most importantly - reviews!