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As an entrepreneur and ecommerce expert who has been there and done it. I can offer enormous value to your listeners.

Let me tell your listeners my story, how I built, scaled and sold my ecommerce brand, how I am doing now again, and how I am helping others to do the same.

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Ben Leonard


Sample Questions

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Why did you start Beast Gear?

When did you realise Beast Gear was something more than a hobby?

How did you scale?

What are the most important aspects for ecommerce business owners to focus on when starting out?

What are some of the obstacles you encountered on the way?

How do you keep moving forward?

Tell me about your buckets?

Useful info

Social Media

University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen, UK

Age: 32

Name Pronunciation
Ben LEN-ERD (like the golfer, Justin Leonard)

Facts About Ben

Ask me about these and you’ll sound like the best interviewer since Andrew Neil.

I had no interest in fitness, health or exercise until my 20s, yet built a successful fitness brand.

I believe the current generation are the luckiest people to have ever walked the earth.

I created the bestselling and best rated skipping ropes in Europe.

A huge fitness brand once tried (and failed) to sue me.

I have no business training. My background is ecology. I’m a whale and dolphin nerd by qualification.

I believe we can all learn a lot from Sonic the Hedgehog…


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