<b>Negative Review Reversal: Postcard Template</b>

Negative Review Reversal: Postcard Template

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This is the exact template I use to send to negative reviewers a ‘sorry’ card in the post using a service such as Moonpig or Funky Pigeon.

This approach has been incredible in turning around negative reviews into 5-star reviews, and creating loyal customers. Some customers even posted photos of their sorry card on social media, creating viral positive PR for my brand.

The postcard technique formed part of the wider strategy for my international sports brand. The success of which lead to a 7-figure exit. I am using this exact template for my new brand.

I refined the copy in my template so that you don’t have to. The idea is to surprise and delight the customer, whilst showing empathy and building trust.

After you’ve identified your customer – send them a card using the template below, modified for the specific situation.

Edit these templates to suit your own brand. Please note, it is against terms of service to send cards to Amazon customers. Only use this template to send to customers from your own website. You are entirely responsible for your compliance with Amazon TOS.